The 200 Nation Dinner 2017

By Kalle Wannerskog 
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The 200 Nation dinner was a success. Thank you all for coming!
We will be sharing pictures and other fun things from the dinner with you shortly.
For now: vote here if you want to see a new dinner 2017!



Imagine a crisp Scandinavian summer evening. On the small dock near the sea a strange group of people has gathered to eat. There is the goldsmith from Iran, the dentist from Cuba. The Java coder from Mozambique who discusses the taste of Swedish Herring with the Belgian farmer and the bartender from Peru. All in all there are people from 200 countries on that small dock.

Yes. This is my simple goal, for which I ask for your help: to gather, for the first time in the history of the world, one person, from each state, for dinner.

We already have pre-bookings from 20 countries. The eyes of the world’s media are already on us.

Invite yourself and maybe another multi-cultural friend to help me fill the remaining places. Or be a spectator, or just help out showing people the way to my house. Either way: be part of a historical evening and help make this dream come true.


My name is Kalle Wannerskog and I’m an 11-year-old child and a 75-year-old grumpy old timer trapped in a 34-year-olds body — just had my birthday.

Workwise I’m a journalist who works in radio but I usually work on different projects as a “handyman”. If you need something fixed – and it could be pretty much anything – I can fix it. When I’m off duty, I like to ride my motorcycle. I bought it from the leader of a lesbian motorcycle gang in California, at the same time they made me an honorary member.

I enjoy cooking and growing my own vegetables, sadly I missed the season this year due to my job on that Viking ship that is sailing around the Great Lakes in the US. When I get home I was planning to arrange a dinner for my friends, and I realized I have quite a lot of friends, from many parts of the world.

To my great surprise I found out that there has never been a dinner arranged for ALL nations before. Not in Gothenburg, not ANYWHERE in the world EVER. Yes, there have been a multitude of dinners with people from MANY countries, but not EVERY country. And that’s the big difference. (The reason, I guess, is that most such these dinners have been organized by states for states so there has always been some country that are boycotting it or simply chose not to join).

So, since we are not inviting states, but people, we will have guests from both North and South Korea. From Israel and Palestine. From North and South Sudan and other countries that would never dine or even talk at an official level.

In conclusion: As amazing as this might sound, this will be the first time in history where one person from each country in the world will meet for dinner.



When will you ever have the possibility to meet one person from every country on the planet?

If you can’t make it for dinner, why not join the party afterwards.

All “place at the table” tickets include.




Gothenburg is a special place in many ways. Gothenburg is a very special place in many ways. It is not only Sweden’s friendliest city, it is also among the top five Nordic cities for suitable meetings. Bringing people together like this is in part a way of saying: Come on, it’s not that hard, and most importantly – it’s not at all scary. We are just people. All of us. And people eat. So let’s do that. Together in Gothenburg.



Some people would consider being part of the first dinner with all the 200 states in the history of mankind, to be enough, but yes, I know, you want to know more!

Ok, first of all, I believe there are few places as magical as early autumn in Gothenburg.


As to the dinner itself, I first thought it would be best to organize it in some grand place, like the city hall. I also got proposals for that. But then I thought differently.

The whole point of this is that it should be for people, and not institutions or high places. Therefore I decided that we should organize this right here next to my home. (Yes, it will be a surprise for some neighbors to discover Goldsmiths from Iran, a journalist from Malaysia and the java-coder from Mozambique, but this is about moments)


To celebrate this special meeting there will be very special food, we will have food from all over the world. And smörgåscake, lots and lots of smörgåscake! 



For me, one of the most important things is the symbolism of the dinner.

Since the dawn of time, eating together has been a symbol of friendship. But since states are always involved in disputes (or worse) even a small thing like a dinner has been impossible.



THANK you Paf! Paf is the operator of the gambling monopoly on Åland. The sole purpose of Paf is to generate funds for humanitarian and social causes. Therefore I believe they are the perfect sponsor for this. Also thanks to Wheelys Dreams and everyone voting for this project for making this possible!!!


I’d like to thank everyone that want to be a part of making this possible. From Paf to every guest.
I will do my best to make this an unforgettable evening, and with your help I know this will be for real!


How do I get to Gothenburg?
November 12 at 6PM at Tredje Långgatan 9

For more information about logistics: contact

Some links:

Are there really 200 nations?

This is tricky, everything depends on how you want to calculate it. 193 nations are part of UN. Though there are a few states which have not yet been acknowledged, like Kosovo and Palestine. I decided to count them in as well.

I have a food allergy, will there be food for me?

Yes! There will be many alternatives available but please send a mail with your name and what allergy you have so we can make sure that there is food for you. Clearly marked.

Will there be vegetarian/vegan food available?

Yes, no worries, there will be lot’s of it. Clearly marked out.

Can I bring my daughter/son?

Children under 8 year can join for free. Though you need to let us know before if you are planning to bring a child, since we need to arrange the seating.

I want to bring my favorite dish, can I?

Wonderful! Please send us a mail to and we will make sure that there is space on the table for your wonderful cooking. 

Can I get a press accommodation?

We have limited amounts of chairs and therefore limited seats for the press. Please send us a request to BEFORE the 1st of October.

I am a the foreign minister of Belgium / I dated Courtney Love / I was the star of Seinfeld can I come?

I’d be flattered to have you here!! But make sure to book your dinner ticket just like everyone else. There won’t be any guests lists on this dinner 🙂 And there is only ONE seat available for each country.

I bought a ticket but won’t be able to come, what should I do?

Please send a mail to ASAP! And we’ll take it from there.

I have a dinner ticket reserved, but where can I sleep?

HERE is a good link to different hotels and hotels around the city!
Make sure to arrange this as soon as possible since rooms gets booked quickly.

I’m from Malta and want to come, but all the Malta-tickets are already reserved. What should I do?

I’d love to be able to invite EVERYONE but unfortunately there is simply not room for everyone on this dinner. Please send a mail to and I will make sure to mail you FIRST if there is a dinner next year.

You’ve said that this dinner will be professionally documented, what does that mean?

Yep, have some really great photographers as my friends. All photos taken during the evening will be uploaded to a server, from where you can download the pictures, a few days after the dinner.

Will there be vodka?

Of course it will! But take it easy – we’re here to eat and dine.

I want to hold a speech, can I?

There will be limited opportunities for speeches (maximum 2 minute each). Mail your request to Describe what you want to talk about in no more than 100 letters.

About Us

My name is Kalle Wannerskog and I’m an 11-year-old child AND a 75-year-old grumpy old timer trapped in a 34-year-old body — and I just had my birthday!


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